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CMR Attorneys Joseph Catania and Chelsea Four-Rosenbaum Obtain Dismissal in Westchester County Premises Liability Action

Catania, Mahon, Rider PLLC attorneys Joseph Catania and Chelsea Four-Rosenbaum obtained dismissal on behalf of Vernon Woods Apartments Inc.


NYS Bill 8236A

Under Bill 8236A, local governments can extend expiration dates up to 120 days for any building permits and zoning/planning approvals


Construction Corner - May 2019

COVID-19 has altered the very framework of construction projects and their underlying contracts.

COVID-19 Preparedness and Your Estate Plan

The growing outbreak of coronavirus cases in the United States has undoubtedly caused widespread anxiety for many Americans who must now quickly adapt.


Construction Corner - Legislation Update - August 2019

Several bills were passed at the end of the most recent legislative session and now await the governor's signature.