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New York Sick Leave Law

An employer that already provides a sick leave or paid time off policy that meets or exceeds the leave provided by this law need not provide additional leave.

CDC Nationwide Order Halting Most Evictions

Renters may still be evicted for reasons other than not paying rent or making a housing payment.

Construction Corner - August 2020

More importantly, never assume that one-sided and seemingly unfair "CM Friendly" provisions will not be enforced by the Courts.

Right to Counsel Before Submitting to A Chemical Test

In every Driving While Intoxicated matter, it is important that your lawyer examine and potentially

New York State Legislature Opens The Door To The Disclosure Of Law Enforcement Disciplinary Records Through Foil

Though many have lauded the repeal of Section 50-a, there is no question that it will create new challenges for municipalities attempting to navigate the already-complex FOIL laws.

Jonathan DeJoy

Business Succession Planning in the COVID-19 Era

This short article lists a few key considerations to be thinking about if the idea of succession planning for your business is finally moving to the top of the pile.